North Korea Won’t Come to Tokyo Olympics

For the first time in 30 years, the tough competitor North Korea won’t take a participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. There’s a good reason why the country with a lot of sports talents decided not to participate in the most prestigious sports event on earth.

For the first time in 30 years, the tough competitor North Korea won’t take a participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

They stated that it was because of the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. the pandemic has made the North’s Sports Ministry to decide to withdraw from the Olympic.

The National Olympic Committee have weighed all of the determining factors which make and come up with the conclustion on March 25, 2021.

The committee members agreed to take the quick action. As the result, North Korea withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics. Turned out the members wanted to protect their athletes from the Covid-19. the last thing they wanted was to expose the risks of pandemic to their athletes. It seems that the North Korean government wanted to keep their athletes within only their bubble. And it is sensible approach to make their people safe.

The true fact is that North Korea has become the first country to drop out of the Tokyo Olympics because of the coronavirus cases.

The official website of North Korea’s Sports Ministry stated that the Olympic Committee members voted for exclude their participation in the upcoming Tokyo Olympic games to protect their athletes from the world public health crisis due to coronavirus.

As we know, the Tokyo Olympics 2021 is not actually the true “2021” edition of Olympic. Rather, it is a postponed version of the 2020 Olympic. The outbreak itself has enforced the delays of the Tokyo Games that suppose to take place on 2020.

The organizers have been taking the measurements to make the places ready for the upcoming event. They have done everything they can to create the right preventative measurements. One of the most controversial approaches was banning the spectators from the outside Japan.

The fans overseas willl no longer be able to attend the venue to root for their national teams. The officials have taken this bold measurement in order to ensure the safety of the athletes and civilians in Japan.

But the concern does not stop there. The Olympics could be more severe because of the virus spread and the slow distribution of the vaccine.

With the delays in the distribution, it has made the public to raise their eyebrows about how they handle the event during the pandemic.

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