Some Experts Are Concerning the Risks of Virus Spreading after Olympics

Olympics means tagging along with the regular sports fans from across the globe to root for their national delegations. The upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021 is still going on despite the pandemic.

Olympics means tagging along the regular sports fans from across the globe to root for their national delegations. Not all agree with it.

We have seen some controversies regarding the event. Back then, the officials postponed the event. Then there are some backlashes because of the dreadful remarks from the former creative head of the Olympics ceremony. Not enough for the “Olympig” outrages, there were also bad publicities.

The good thing here is that all of the responsible parties have managed to contain these. Now there is a new challenge for the event organizers, government, police, and local authorities to conduct the event safely.

For those who haven’t known, the officials have scheduled the event on July 23. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 is still there. It won’t get lost anytime soon unless countries across the globe manage the herd immunity.

The officials have confirmed that they ban overseas fans to attend the venue.

Regardless, it won’t erase the concerns of experts because there will be more than 60,000 in the Tokyo Olympics bubble alone. Imagine how tough it would be for the organizers and health authorities to manage such a huge number of people.

According to experts, it could lead to the worst spreading of Covid-19. As we know, events like this can be the biggest source of the infections.

Some researchers have brought up their concerns about the significant infections increased during and after the Tokyo Olympics.

Most experts have given their nods about the good precautions taken by the officials. But still, it won’t guarantee the safety of all folks 100%.

There are six playbooks or rules distributed to the participants and relevant parties for the Olympics and Paralympcs. These playbooks dictate how people manage the risks of the covid-19.

There are two types of containment prepared by the authorities in Japan: quarantines and vaccinations.

These practices are more sensible now because these can suppress the risks of infections. Japan, just like other countries in the world, has sustained a lot since the outbreak spread to the country.

While we can rest assured that the officials of the Olympics will make the event successful. The concern still rises after the event. There’s a risk that the athletes , crews, and other participants could bring the viruses to their home.

The playbooks that we mentioned before are not the final version. According to the trustworthy source, the party will finalize the playbooks by June. So, before the Tokyo Olympics even happen, all the concerned sectors can prepare everything well.

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